Unit 4: Coursework

A2 Instructions for coursework

Task 1: Comparative: A Doll’s House and Shirley Valentine


The Questions (1500-2000 words)

  • Freud asserted that “liberation can come only from within”. To what extent is this notion promoted in ADH and SV?
  • ‘ In the struggle for power and independence the female protagonists ultimately lose more than they gain.’ How far would you agree?
  •  ‘In ADH and SV women are presented as dependent on men and ultimately powerless.’ How far would you agree?
  • It could be said that neither A Doll’s House nor Shirley Valentine are feminist plays, but are more about asserting self, regardless of gender. Do you agree?

A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen


Carrie Cracknell: On Being a Political Director

ADH – studypack – SHC resource

Critical Reviews of A Doll’s House

Chap 3 A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf

Write a review

Website with contemporary reactions to A Doll’s House

Ibsen and feminism

The New Woman, Feminism and Misogyny sections of Literature and Gender: An Introductory Textbook (Lizbeth Goodman, Routledge, 0415135745)

Shirley Valentine by Willy Russell


Kitchen sink drama

Meera Syal on acting Shirley

Shirley Valentine lessons

Shirley Valentine Critical Quotes

Useful Websites

Kinsman, Rob. “Face to Face with Willy Russell,” The Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch. < http://www.queens-theatre.co.uk/archive/2004/facetofacewithwillyrussell.htm


Study Guide

Shirley Valentine – Study Guide

Task 1 Essay Planning

Essay planning grid

Mini Questions for Coursework

SV Structure grid

ADH Structure grid 

Task 2: Critical Anthology


Session 1: How to read a difficult text

Reading difficult texts ppt

How to Read the Critical Anthology

The Critical Anthology ppt

Critical position cards

Excellent lecture on Metaphor

The anthology

GCE LITB4 Critical Anthology (2013 Version) (1)

Critical writings on texts

Yellow Wallpaper

Gone Girl article 1

Gone Girl article 2

Gone Girl article 3

Gone Girl article 4

Marina Warner on Angela Carter

Marina Warner interview 1 of 3

Marina Warner interview 2 of 3

Marina Warner interview 3 of 3]

 Further resources for essay writing


A Step-by-step Guide to Writing Your Coursework Essay

Skeleton Essay Plan

Character Sketches

Analysing a Band 6 essay

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