Unit 1: Aspects of Narrative

General Resources for Aspects of Narrative

Resources for exam

Notes on how to answer the questions

Past exam Questions


Sec A uneven Q

Poetry How Is the Story Told grid

How the story is told grid

Sec A uneven scaffold

Sec A uneven peer assessment

Sec A KR Ch 2 exemplar

Sec A even Q

Debate Q scaffold

Unit 1 debate question

Debate Question Timed Essay Notes

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner interpretations for the debate question

Sec B Q

Sec B grid

Grid for Section B Questions

Auden connection grid

Prose resources

The Hero’s Journey grid

Narrative voice

Voice and Point of View

Definition of Bildungsroman

Poetry resources

Strategies for reading Poetry

Metre and Rhythm

Writing an essay resources

A Step-by-step Guide to Writing Your Coursework Essay.

A shortened version of the above should be used in exams as well. Remember it is ALWAYS worth planning BEFORE you start writing.

Thought flow diagram for debate

Make your vocabulary more sophisticated

Make your writing more sophisticated


Home Learning for first week of term

1. Compare Jack Clayton and Baz Luhrmann’s interpretations of the beginning and ending of The Great Gatsby. If you weren’t here for the Revision day, you can find the clips on Google.

2. Open the powerpoint below (Easter Revision) and watch the clips of Ancient Mariner and Victor. How effective are these interpretations? Make notes.

 Easter Revision Session Monday 13th April

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Please arrive in time to start at 10 a.m.

Bring with you: your folders, revision notes and all four texts

Easter 2015 Revision Resources


Easter 2015 Revision

Quote bank kite runner

Quote bank Miss Gee and As I walked

Quote bank Victor and O what

Quote bank AM

Quote bank Auden

Quote bank Gatsby 

 RQuote bank Kite Runner

Quote bank Rime of The Ancient Mariner

Grid to analyse key aspects of a text

Quote grid template

Quote grid Aspects of Narrative

Sec B grid

Grid for Section B Questions

February 2015 Revision Day Resources


1. February 2015 Revision Day

2. Revision booklet

3. Revision Day schedule 17 Feb 2015

4. Sec A uneven grid

5. Sec A even grid

6. Narrative cards

7. Just a Minute – Preparing for Writing about a Narrative Text in the Exam copy

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Resources


Illustration from Hunt Emerson’s comic version of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Click on the link below for the lesson powerpoint and the links to the lectures:

The Rime of The Ancient Mariner

The following clips are wonderful resources from Barton Peveril School:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

First reading of a text grid

Context Home Learning

Learning Sets Investigation

The Kite Runner Resources


Kite Runner Themes grid

Key Quotations

Rape as a weapon of war

Auden Resources


Auden connection grid

Auden and music

Guardian article on Auden and music

Auden wrote several of his poems to the tunes of well-known ballads: Victor: Frankie and Johnnie; James Honeyman: Stagger Lee and Miss Gee: The St James’ Infirmary Blues. Check out Nick Cave singing Stagger Lee on You Tube, though be warned there are some expletives and violence.


Johnny Cash sings Frankie and Johnnie

Auden has been accused of expressing misogynistic views in his poetry. Listen to Alex Lifeson’s terrifying musical response to Victor. Then read Victor again. How do you respond to the poem now?

Miss Gee

Louis Armstrong playing The St James’ Infirmary Blues

The Great Gatsby resources


Interpreting The GG

Debate Q scaffold

Unit 1 debate question

Gatsby quotes

Home Learning for Thursday 5/02/15

Prezi Great Gatsby setting

Notes on settings


Voice and Point of View

Gatsby Treasure Hunt

Whole text of The Great Gatsby




Archive stuff 

Intervention sessions:

Monday 30th March: 4.30-5.30: Rita, Mohammed, Marina, Muna

Tuesday 8.40-9.30: Glena, Khaled, Aziza, Michelle, Ard

Home Learning for Wednesday 1st April

  • Write this essay: How is the Story told in Part 4 or 5 of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?
  • Get your folders up to date. Fill in How is the Story Told grid for all parts of the AM. Listen to all the lectures and annotate the WHOLE poem.

Week beginning 23rd March

No intervention for L3s this week

L3 Mock retake: Tuesday 24th March 15.40 Please go to Miss Jamil’s office

Ms C-T will not be here on Tuesday 24th March. Write the following timed essay.

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is an exploration of the unconscious mind. How do you respond to this reading of the poem?

Give yourself 15 min to read the following notes, then 30 minutes to plan and write the essay:

Debate Question Timed Essay Notes

Week beginning 16th March

Monday 4.30-5pm Intervention session for D/E grades

Tuesday 8.30-9.30 Intervention session for D/E grades

Please bring your folders to all lessons this week (including Ms Long’s and interventions)

Home Learning:

By Tuesday 17/03 Listen to the Youtube lectures (see below) for AT LEAST four parts of Ancient Mariner. Fill in How the Story Is Told Grids

By Tuesday 24/03 Listen to the remaining three parts and fill in the grids.

Cover work while I am away 11th March

Listen to at least four of the lectures below and annotate your copy of the poem accordingly. Fill in a HOW THE STORY IS TOLD grid for all four parts. See link below:

Poetry How Is the Story Told grid

Extension: Write or plan: How is the story told in Part 1 of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?

Below is my time table for intervention, it is stuck up on the wall of Room 444, please write your name under a time that suits you.

Updated Intervention schedule

Resources for Intervention session on Tuesday 10th March:

Intervention February 2015 Mocks

13th January cover work on Auden: to be completed by next Tuesday

Cover lesson L3

Holiday Revision

  1. Read ALL the Auden poems and the relevant notes in your booklet and annotate them. Read the notes on context.
  2. Do a mindmap/plan and introductory paragraph for at least one example of each type of question.
  3. Get familiar with the aspects of narrative you may be asked to comment on in Section B. This means reading the practice questions

Week beginning 8/12/14

Auden and Poetry

Thank you for sharing your poems last week, it was great to hear such an interesting mix of languages and themes. See General Resources at the bottom for all poetry resources.

Home Learning due this week: Write a premise for James Honeyman and Miss Gee

  • (e.g. Macbeth: Blind Ambition LEADS TO chaos; Victor: A repressive childhood LEADS TO destruction)

This week’s lessons:

  • Learning Objective: to understand how to use questioning to explore a text

 Week beginning 24/11/14


Home Learning due Thursday 27/11/14: 

  • A key choice writers make is how they name or refer to their characters. Write about the significance of the choices writers have made in naming or referring to their characters in the three texts you have studied.

Week beginning 10/11/14

Thank you Ehssan for a really assured and informative presentation on Afghanistan

A really lively debate on the portrayal of men and women in The Kite Runner, well done! Special thanks to Marina for chairing it so well.

Now it’s time to write the essay: The  men in “The Kite Runner” are more convincingly portrayed than the women. Do you agree with this statement?

Below is the powerpoint for the lesson

Writing a debate essay

Use your English booklet, check your previous targets and use the grid below for extra help

Unit 1 debate question

Essay due Tuesday 18th November

Lessons for week beginning 3/11/14


  • Peer assessment of debate question
    Next week’s flipped learning: “The Men are more convincingly portrayed than the women in The Kite Runner.” What do you think of this statement?” (From June 2010 paper)
  • Next Tuesday’s lesson will be a short debate on this question, find quotes to back up your views. This will feed into an essay, due Thursday, 13/11/14


  • Ehssan’s context presentation. . . Yaay!
  • How is the story told grids to be reworked into a reference material for the whole class


  • Folder check.
  • Timed essay on How is the Story told in Chapter 8


Monday 20th April

How is the story told in Chapter 9?


The Great Gatsby Cht 9



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