Course Overview

In Year 12 you will be studying two units:

    Unit One:  Aspects of Narrative with Ms Courtenay-Thompson

You will study four texts:

  • Two novels (at least one post 1990)
  • Two poetry texts (1800-1945)

You will be assessed by a 2-hour open book examination.

               Unit Two: Dramatic Genres with Miss Long

You will study two texts that are both Comedies

  • Much Ado About Nothing, William Shakespeare
  • The History Boys, Alan Bennett

You will produce two pieces of coursework, one on each text, which explore how each of the texts fits into the broader generic framework of comedy

                         Assessment Objectives

Articulate creative, informed 01and relevant responses to literary texts, using appropriate terminology and concepts, and coherent accurate written expression

Demonstrate detailed critical understanding in analysing the ways in which structure form and language shape meaning in literary texts

Explore connections and comparisons between different literary texts, informed by interpretations of other readers

Demonstrate understanding of the significance and influence of the contexts in which literary texts are written and received.

           A Level specification and Coursework Mark Scheme

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