This site is only for L3+ students who are studying the OLD A LEVEL SYLLABUS

Students starting L3 (Year 12) in September 2015 will be following the Edexcel English Literature A Level. For details and text list click on the link below:

Overview A Level course from 2015


A2 Coursework Deadlines

Task 1: Comparative Coursework: Doll’s House and Cat. 1500-2000 words

Plan submitted: Weds 4th November

First draft due: Weds 25th November

Last date for draft feedback: Weds 16th December

Final deadline: Weds 13th January

Task 2: Critical Anthology Coursework. 1200-1500 words

Plan submitted: Weds 3rd February

First draft due: Weds 2nd March

Last date for draft feedback: Weds 23rd March

Final deadline: Weds 30th March