A2 Coursework Deadlines

Task 1: Comparative Coursework: Doll’s House and Cat. 1500-2000 words

Plan submitted: Weds 4th November

First draft due: Weds 25th November

Last date for draft feedback: Weds 16th December

Final deadline: Weds 13th January

Task 2: Critical Anthology Coursework. 1200-1500 words

Plan submitted: Weds 3rd February

First draft due: Weds 2nd March

Last date for draft feedback: Weds 23rd March

Final deadline: Weds 30th March

Ms C-T’s favourite poem (well one of them anyway)

This young girl’s lament at being abandoned by her lover is a translation, by Lady Augusta Gregory, of an 8th Century Gaelic poem. I love the way it keeps the cadence and grammatical structure of the original Gaelic and the fact that the beautifully mournful imagery hides some very sour comments about Donal, the faithless lover. Auden must have agreed with me, because he pillaged the last verse for his poem Funeral Blues and Radclyffe Hall used a line from it for her novel about a doomed lesbian love affair: The Well of Loneliness. Donal Og, by the way, means “Young Donal”, I have no idea how to pronounce it, though.

Donal Og
It is late last night the dog was speaking of you;
the snipe was speaking of you in her deep marsh.
It is you are the lonely bird through the woods;
and that you may be without a mate until you find me.

You promised me, and you said a lie to me,
that you would be before me where the sheep are flocked;
I gave a whistle and three hundred cries to you,
and I found nothing there but a bleating lamb.

You promised me a thing that was hard for you,
a ship of gold under a silver mast;
twelve towns with a market in all of them,
and a fine white court by the side of the sea.

You promised me a thing that is not possible,
that you would give me gloves of the skin of a fish;
that you would give me shoes of the skin of a bird;
and a suit of the dearest silk in Ireland.

When I go by myself to the Well of Loneliness,
I sit down and I go through my trouble;
when I see the world and do not see my boy,
he that has an amber shade in his hair.

It was on that Sunday I gave my love to you;
the Sunday that is last before Easter Sunday
and myself on my knees reading the Passion;
and my two eyes giving love to you for ever.

My mother has said to me not to be talking with you today,
or tomorrow, or on the Sunday;
it was a bad time she took for telling me that;
it was shutting the door after the house was robbed.

My heart is as black as the blackness of the sloe,
or as the black coal that is on the smith’s forge;
or as the sole of a shoe left in white halls;
it was you put that darkness over my life.

You have taken the east from me, you have taken the west from me;
you have taken what is before me and what is behind me;
you have taken the moon, you have taken the sun from me;
and my fear is great that you have taken God from me!